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SDA Growth is the diversification unit of SDA. Driven by our industrial DNA, we are actively looking for long term investments. We invest alongside entrepreneurs constantly challenging their business environment and willing to capture international business growth.


Launched in 2017, SDA Growth has the objective to acquire businesses that will become new industrial pillars of our group


All our investment decisions are backed by our core values of entrepreneurship, excellence, governance and partnership


We come from an industrial group and constantly apply

- An agile and pragmatic decision making process
- Flexibility in rapidly changing business landscapes
- Strong governance and business organization standards
- Constant focus on stakeholders needs and challenges


We are not a private equity fund

we focus on long term growth potential alongside each stakeholder

we do not plan any exit for our investments and are looking for add-ons opportunities

we are able to fund our investments
by equity only

we are not a Family-office

we are looking to strengthen the backbone
of our industrial group

we re-invest our cash flows in expansion,
not dividends

we leverage on our entrepreneur day to day
experience in all our investment decisions


Long term growth

Our mission is to deliver long term value to all our stakeholders. Thanks to our industrial background we understand that sustainable entrepreneurial growth requires time. Unlike traditional private equity funds we do not invest for the short term, nor have we planned exit horizons.

Excellence in partnerships

Our entrepreneurial spirit is deeply embedded in our investment approach and we strongly believe in partnership models. We invest in companies where we can leverage on our core competencies in international distribution to bring businesses to a next stage, swifter and with more impact than on a stand-alone basis.

Leverage on our network

Long term growth is achieved through strong cross-cultural and cross businesses dialogues. We are a group of around 2,000 individuals that can help each other in multiple business decisions thanks to our international trade and distribution know how.


Broad sectors investment scope

We are looking for companies with a deep entrepreneurial spirit in sectors that do not conflict with our industrial holdings in heavy equipment distribution.
We invest in industrial and/or services businesses that are ready to accelerate their international growth. We avoid Real Estate, FIG, Life Science, TMT and ICT.

Partner in Growth

We provide growth funds through capital increases or acquisitions, we focus on growth phases and do not invest in seed or venture businesses.

Leverage on our joint-competences

Our group is active in more than 30 countries. We firmly believe in the value of a controlled international growth and are committed to bring our expertise in the process to our businesses.

Long term horizon

Our businesses should all have the potential to reach the size and footprint of our current core heavy equipment distribution activities. We are convinced that it takes time and consequently do not have exit horizon nor short term vision.

Entrepreneurial fund

We invest up to EUR 40m equity per project. We do not report to any third party investor and can calmly focus on delivering long term growth with our business partners.

Control and empowerment

In order to grow businesses to their optimal size we seek a controlling stake in each of our investment, from scratch or through a stepped approach, alongside a committed
management team.
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What are we offering

Smart entrepreneurial funds

We enjoy to be challenged by new ideas and to be taken out of our comfort zone. Every meeting with an entrepreneur opens new adventures we want to consider.

Sound industrial grounds

We understand the challenges faced by our targets, we live with these every day in our industrial businesses. Time is of the essence, we know!

Fun down the road

After all what would be the sense of all our efforts, if not to enjoy the ride. Growing our businesses is a challenge but also one of our most enjoyable and thrilling journeys.